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Our Commitment

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Open Source

To provide unbiased information on the heading powers of cannabis.

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To facilitate the pursuit of each employee's professional and personal goals.

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To operate as stewards of our environment, conscious of the impacts of our actions.

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To deliver support and care for those in need of healing.

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To elevate the standard for service, quality, and professionalism.

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To pursue a healthier and happier life by maintaining a focus on the greater good.

Who We Are

Kind Courier was founded on the principal of forming trusted relationships between medical cannabis patients and their providers. Beyond delivery, Kind Courier empowers the patient to incorporate a regimen of natural medicine that meets their unique, individual needs.

Fourth generation San Franciscan and co-founder of Kind Courier, Paul is a source of love and support for this friends and family. When faced with the challenges of sourcing medicine for a patient seeking relief from HIV and a mother addressing the symptoms of her child's epilepsy, Paul was alarmed by the limited availability of laboratory-tested cannabis. As a cultivator for over ten years, Paul grows with uncompromising standards so that those with serious medical needs may confidently source safe, clean, pure cannabis.

A 10-year California resident and co-founder of Kind Courier, Mac is a firm believer in lifelong learning. During this graduate studies in chemical engineering, Mac conducted extracurricular research in organic methods of controlling enviroment agriculture. A fascination with the healing power of the cannabis plant accelerated Mac's research and development of horicultural techniques. Mac is driven by an obsession to produce and purvey connoisseur-quality medicine, while striving to better understand the fundamental science.

When Paul and Mac met in San Francisco, they bonded over a commmon interest in biodiesel, Irish roots, and compassion for others. Their friendship developed into a working relationship aligned on service to others through the healing power of cannabis. By caring for one another and the community, Kind Courier is a company founded on integrity, honest, and respect.