Native Seed Lift Bar - 1:1

THC: 60mg  
CBD: 60mg  
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Native Seed

Focused on wellness, healthy infused edibles, solvent-less concentrates, & boutique flowers, Native Seed creates artisan medical cannabis products made with the highest quality ingredients for the mind, body, + soul. Wife and husband founded, we wanted to create cannabis products we felt comfortable consuming. Our mission has always been to provide truly nutritious, delicious, consistent, and safe cannabis medicine for patients while educating people on the benefits of healing foods, medicinal plants, and extraction methods. Native Seed products are lab tested by CW Analytical in Oakland, California to ensure the safest and most consistent medication for patients. Produced in a certified commercial kitchen space in Oakland, we provide top-quality control over all of the products we offer. We are honored and committed to offering these products to you and hope you enjoy them.