Banana OG

THC: 21.71%  
CBD: --  
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Terpene Wheel
Terpene Wheel

Ripe Banana nose. OG Kush flavor when smoked. 

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Kind County Farms

Kind County Farms is indoor grown San Francisco.  Powered by renewable energy, our lovely plants thrive in a rich, organic soil.  Each plant is carefully maintained from clone to harvest, when it is cured for 30 days and hand-trimmed to perfection.  We cut no corners and stay true to the craft, using natural, sustainable, high-end nutrients.  We take the time to thoroughlly flush and cure each batch of flower which results in exceptional aroma, full-bodied taste, and consistent effects. THC content is somewhat irrelevant when you have a rich spectrum of terpenes to provide the highest quality ensemble effect of any cannabis flower on the market.