Fog City Farms Golden Glue 12-Pack Prerolls

THC: 18.0%  
CBD: 1.56%  
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Fog City Farms

Fog City Farms is a licensed cannabis cultivation company based in Santa Cruz County, specializing in sustainable growing and business practices, with an emphasis on boutique strains. For over 15 years we have pioneered cultivating only the highest quality cannabis flowers. From nurturing our plants at a young age, to flowering them full harvest, we are committed to producing a clean end product. Our team of local Santa Cruz locals work together as a family. It is extremely important to us to keep a standard of excellence, while also making sure we still have fun while doing what we do best. We use an integrated vertical racking system with LED lights throughout the flowering process to attain the perfect flower. Quality is our number one focus. We strive to always produce a product we can be proud of.