The Clear Crystal CBD

THC: --  
CBD: 99.0%  
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The Clear Concentrate

THE CLEAR™ IS AN INDUSTRY-LEADING CALIFORNIA CANNABIS COMPANY THAT INNOVATES MANUFACTURING SERVICES AND PRODUCTS BUILT ON CONSISTENT POTENCY, PURITY AND TASTE. We are unique & unmatched in our commitment to state-of-the-art science and cultural connectedness. While we apply science and strive to set the professional standard, we are also people who come from the dab culture and cannabis community. We want to make the best product for the community, because we are the community. We strive to create the most potent, cleanest, and enjoyable cannabis products on earth. This requires developing new technologies while staying connected to the market. With a team of dedicated scientists and professionals, we are continuously experimenting with new techniques, improving our processes, and offering the community new and superior cannabis products.