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Legion of Bloom

The Legion of Bloom is a 7x award winning collective comprised of compassionate, conscious and sustainable cannabis experts. We pride ourselves in growing cannabis in the most natural, organic and purest way – this means no harmful pesticides, no chemicals, no additives. We start by hand selecting our phenotypes from only the best genetics ensuring the highest quality and potency. Our craft cultivation practices provide superb flowers for extract offerings which have quickly become the future of cannabis. We proudly offer solvent-less extracts such as Raw-Zen and The Monarch Pen, a solvent free, refined CO2 vape pen infused with our Cannabis Derived Terpenes. To ensure quality and potency, we have all of our products lab tested, providing a full spectrum of product information and peace of mind for our patients. As the industry becomes more sophisticated in practices, we will be among the leaders pushing the bar for innovation and conscious change.