Mango OG

THC: 20.46%  
CBD: 0.08%  
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Terpene Wheel
Terpene Wheel

Sweet mango, citrus grapefruit

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We at Sunnabis Farms hail from the hills near the East Branch of the South Fork of the Eel River. We’re second generation cannabis farmers, raised here in Humboldt. What does that mean for you? Our family cultivates heritage strains. Our farming techniques and seed stock were lovingly preserved and passed down for decades. Our roots go deep. Sunnabis has produced high grade, medical marijuana for California patients at this particular site for a decade, respectfully tending to our stunning, off-grid location through organic and biodynamic farming methods. We're all about the permaculture, baby! Sustainable infrastructure improvements are always in the works. As we endeavor to protect this epic habitat that surrounds, sustains, and inspires us, we recognize the realities of climate change. Thus, Sunnabis Farms fosters only full-sun plants, ensuring that Sunnabis cannabis comes with the lowest carbon footprint of any in the industry today.