The Highest Grade Sour Diesel Flower Cartridge


THC: 45.33%  
CBD: --  
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The Highest Grade

The Highest Grade was founded by a small group of farmers with a focus on producing clean and sustainable natural products for their own consumption. Their virgin cold pressed extraction methodology retains both the aroma and the taste of the original flower, creating the most true to flower flavor available in a vape cartridge. Their solvent and pesticide free products have won some of the most prestigious awards across the industry. In 2016 alone they won 1st Place at Chalice Festival, 1st Place at the Official Stoners' Cup, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at the Santa Cruz Cup, 1st and 2nd Place as The Emerald Cup, and 1st Place, Highest THC and best packaging at Happy Place Festival. Their vape cartridges are produced without the use of epoxies, glues and plastic, which can all be dissolved by various terpenes found in Cannabis. The result is a solvent and pesticide free product that packs all the original flavor of the organically grown flowers and trim into a health conscious cart.